Terms and Conditions

Reservation, payment and cancellation

- Number of passengers: Minimum 8, Maximum 12 (for exclusive groups there ain't a Minimum of passengers);
- To ensure the boat reservation, a U$600,00 Sibon Baru and U$ 1.000,00 Sibon Jaya deposit is necessary (per person), until 10 days after the reservation request. This value is not refundable in case of waiver, by any reason. However the spot can be transferred to others, without any cost;
- No reservation will be made without the initial U$600 Sibon Baru and U$ 1.000,00 Sibon Jaya deposit;
- The balance must be paid until 60 days prior to departure. If the payment is not done before this date, the reservation will be canceled.
- There will be no refund of the value paid for the boat trip in case of natural disasters, such as tsunami, earthquake, storms, floods, etc or due to political instability, be it local, national or global;
- The final payment of the trip (second payment that doesn't include the booking payment) could be refunded in case of waiver until 30 days before departure. However the refund will not be immediately, because the money will have to be submitted back from Indonesia to your country. If the 30 days period ends, the refund is not an option anymore. To refund the money is also necessary the permanency of at least 8 guests on the group.
- Individual reservations will be possible, and the confirmation of departure of the boat will depend on at least 7 more individual clients. In other words, there is a minimum of 8 guests booking for the boat to leave. In the case of this number not being reached, the guest will be reassigned to other date or will have the full value paid refunded (including the booking deposit).
- Any question please get into contact with our sales manager jacboeing@hotmail.com. - In case of an emergency, wheater or mantainance, boat can wait in a harbor until 12h and guests will be informed about the situation.