The Surf

Depending on the conditions and your preferences, we can take you to surf at places so perfect you’ll think you’re dreaming, other spots heavy enough to challenge even battle-scarred Indo veterans, and mellow waves that are just right for a great and fun surf session… and without the crowd that you have to deal with at home.

Our main goal is to take you to the best spots with none around. Sibon Charters offers a lot in the ways of surfing. Our boats are able to go from Indonesia to Maldives, so will be easy for us to take you wherever you want on Sumatra area. Just inform us, when purchasing your trip, which area you wanna go and we will make a plan for that. We can take you to South Mentawai and Engano; just the best of Mentawais; Nias, Telos and Banyak; or Banyak and Simelue area. The Mentawai Islands need no introduction. Or maybe you want to head north to the Telos, Banyaks, Nias and the Hinakos. Either way, most of our guests are experienced surf travelers and they go home raving about how they got the best waves they ever had. Our skipper has top of the line digital photo equipment and at the end of the charter you can get your photos of all the good waves and good times you had.

These are some of the main waves we will take you for surfing: