The E.R

Known for its fun and relatively easy left-hander, The E.R is an excellent spot for those looking to improve their skills or enjoy a more relaxed surf.

Step into the aquatic playground of Pasti, a standout surf break in Telos. Pasti’s consistent right-hander breaks over a shallow coral reef, creating fast, hollow waves that promise an adrenaline-filled surfing experience. Here, you become one with the rhythm of the ocean, each wave a new opportunity for an exhilarating ride.

Pasti offers a unique blend of excitement and beauty. As you navigate its waves, you’ll be treated to the stunning backdrop of the Telos Islands. Pasti is not just a wave; it’s a love letter to the sport of surfing, offering a thrilling ride that’s hard to beat.


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Other Waves on


A fun and rippable right-hander that caters to a wide range of abilities. With long rides and consistent sections, Mibis delivers a rewarding surfing experience.


Named after the large GT fish spotted around the area, this right-hand wave provides a thrilling barrel and a fast wall to ride, reserved for the more advanced surfer.


A standout surf break in Telos, Pasti’s consistent right-hander breaks over a shallow coral reef, offering fast and hollow waves for an adrenaline-filled surfing experience.

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