Escape to the Northern Sumatra region and explore the pristine beauty of the Telos Islands. Characterized by lush rainforests, powdery white beaches, and azure waters, Telos presents a picture-perfect setting that captivates at first sight. The soothing symphony of the waves, the fresh salty breeze, and the enchanting coastal charm come together to create a surfing experience that’s distinctively Telos. With a myriad of surf breaks ranging from friendly to challenging, Telos is a haven for surfers of all skill levels. Thanks to its geographic location, Telos enjoys consistent swells throughout the year, offering you a variety of waves to conquer. Whether you’re cutting your teeth on mellow waves or navigating the thrilling complexities of a challenging break, every moment on a Telos wave is a moment to remember. But the Telos experience extends beyond the surf. The islands offer a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Explore the rich flora and fauna, savor the local cuisine, or simply soak in the panoramic ocean views as the sun sets on the horizon. A visit to Telos isn’t just a surfing trip — it’s an unforgettable journey into nature’s untouched beauty.

Welcome to the Banyaks, an archipelago off the coast of Sumatra that embodies the spirit of serene surf living. A haven for those seeking uncrowded surf spots and consistent waves, the Banyaks offers a harmonious blend of thrill and tranquility. With clear turquoise waters meeting unspoiled sandy shores and an exotic array of marine life, this destination is a tropical sanctuary where surf dreams truly become reality.

The Banyaks is an enticing playground for surfers, thanks to its variety of breaks and consistent swells. Whether you are an experienced surfer looking for your next big challenge or a novice eager to find your footing, the Banyaks offer surf breaks that cater to your abilities and aspirations. Each wave caught, each ride ridden, adds to the indelible surf memory that is uniquely Banyaks.

However, the allure of the Banyaks is not limited to its waves. Here, you will find untouched tropical landscapes, vibrant coral reefs, and an abundance of wildlife. As you explore the islands, you’ll encounter a slower, more peaceful pace of life that invites you to relax, rejuvenate, and connect with nature. The Banyaks is not just a surf destination; it’s a paradise where nature and surf coexist in perfect harmony.

Banyaks Waves


A world-class right-hand reef break, Joysticks provides a fast and hollow tube ride, suitable for more skilled surfers.

Two Ways

True to its name, Two Ways offers both a left and a right break, making it a unique spot in Banyaks. This spot can serve up enjoyable rides for both novice and advanced surfers.

Lolok Point

A less-intense, but equally enjoyable left-hander, Lolok Point offers a long and playful wave perfect for all levels of surfers.


Take on the challenge of Cobras, one of Banyaks’ signature surf breaks. This right-hander is known for its heavy tubes and fast walls, providing an unforgettable ride for the seasoned surfer.


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