Conquer Bodhi's, Enggano's standout surf break. Known for its fast, hollow lefts and powerful rights, Bodhi's provides an unmatched surfing challenge for those daring enough to take it on.

Bodhi’s, the star surf break of Enggano, presents a unique challenge to the adventurous surfer. Known for its fast, hollow lefts and powerful rights, Bodhi’s takes you on a roller-coaster ride of adrenaline and thrill. As you ride its energetic waves, you are reminded of the raw power and beauty that the Indian Ocean has to offer.

Bodhi’s is more than just a wave; it’s an embodiment of the adventurous spirit of surfing. With each ride, you push your limits, test your skills, and discover new levels of excitement. Whether it’s navigating through a quick, hollow tube or charging down a powerful right, surfing at Bodhi’s is an experience that stays with you long after you’ve left the water.


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