Offering a fun, rippable right-hander, Monkeys is suitable for surfers of various skill levels. It's an ideal spot for those seeking to enjoy a relaxing surf session.

Welcome to Monkeys, Enggano’s friendly surf break. With its fun, rippable right-hander, Monkeys offers a laid-back surfing experience that’s perfect for surfers of all skill levels. Here, the stress of the world fades away as you catch wave after wave, each ride a celebration of the pure joy of surfing.

Monkeys isn’t just a surf spot; it’s a sanctuary where you can escape from the world and connect with the ocean. Its forgiving waves are ideal for beginners looking to get their feet wet or more seasoned surfers looking for a relaxed session. At Monkeys, the spirit of surfing is alive and well, offering a slice of paradise where everyone can enjoy the magic of riding waves.


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